What We Do


Our highly skilled workforce uses cutting edge technology and automation so you can always be assured that the finished product will meet your exacting standards and specifications.

Our top-end equipment is only as good as our people. We invest in both.

We run a robust MRP system ensuring that there is full traceability of all components that we use in production. This helps us to control our inventory and costs, allowing us to efficiently support our customers over the life cycle of their products.

We strive to deliver fully-compliant products on time and in full, from populated circuit boards and prototypes, to complete box builds.

We are proud to manufacture in the UK but we have a global outlook with half our output being shipped to the USA and Europe.

AVIN Electronics manufacture a wide range of electronic systems

Before going ahead with a full production run, it’s important to complete a small-scale prototype, proof-of-concept run.

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PCB Assembly

For over 30 years, we have been offering Surface Mount (SMT) and Through Hole PCB assembly to our customers.

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Box Build

For many customers, we offer a turnkey box build service, further increasing efficiency and saving them money.

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We are ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 audited and approved, and run robust quality and management processes.

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