Our customers come from a diverse range of industries. One thing that they have in common is that they are all at the forefront of their sectors and they trust us to deliver innovative product built to exacting standards.

Merck OLED lighting


Headquartered in Germany, and established in 1668, Merck is now a global leader in Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials. They lead the way in the development of OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) for new-generation displays.

AVIN design, manufacture and install a sophisticated array of OLED test and calibration equipment at their research centre in Germany.

Dart Valley Systems

Dart Valley Systems

Specialising in water-saving technology for commercial washrooms, Dart Valley Systems has been producing leading automatic washroom technology for over 30 years.

AVIN has been manufacturing the high-quality electronics behind the automatic taps that are in use in facilities around the world.

Sea-Fire Marine

Sea-Fire Marine

Established in 1975, Sea-Fire is a world leader in marine fire suppression and detection systems and is headquartered in Baltimore, USA.

AVIN has been partnering with Sea-Fire for 15 years, tasked with the design and build of all of their electronic accessories and detection systems. During this period, we have built up extensive knowledge and experience in the particular demands of product development in the harsh marine environment.