IoT Devices

We have years of experience in designing and successfully implementing IoT (Internet of Things) devices into real world applications. Our projects are at the leading edge of remote data collection.

Whether it be data collection for water management or working with Leisure Centres to help them efficiently manage their facilities. Working with Narrow Band IoT and cellular data, we have battery operated devices, in remote locations, sending data 24/7.

Sending the data is only one part of the story. To be truly effective, the data needs to be managed and presented in a way that adds value to the user. We have the experience to build a complete user experience around the data from Web to Mobile Applications.

The possibilities for this technology are endless and can be a real driver for change. Remote monitoring of critical infrastructure, environmental monitoring and facilities management can help to reduce our carbon footprint and help businesses achieve carbon reduction targets.

Talk to us about how we can work with you to offer a turnkey IoT solution for your business.

AVIN Electronics ave many years of experience designing Internet of Things devices
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